Tour Host Rewards Program

Earn points as an ATC Tour Host and redeem for Gift Cards


How do I earn points?

1 point: group pics from each tour (1 per tour)

2 points: comment or post a pic on any of our existing social media posts

5 points: 5 star review from a guest

3 points: excellent review from a secret guest

25 points: referral for a guest booking a new tour

15 points: referral for a new host (if needed)

2 points: your first post on our Facebook group

5 points: our anniversary gift to you

2 points: our birthday gift to you

- 1 point: guests didn't check in (1 per tour)

-2 points: overtime on chauffeured tour

How can I redeem points?

Points are posted monthly below. Once a Host accumulates 100 points they will get an email to select a $25 gift card from national retailers, for charities or a Visa to spend on anything. Review redemption options at:  You will receive an invitation to redeem your points once you reach the goal. Reward points will not expire.

Where can I connect with our Team?

We have a Facebook Group so anyone on our Tour Team can share ideas with each other, ask questions about how other Hosts handle situations or celebrate a successful tour group. You start by liking our America Tour Company Facebook Page and then click the button below to join.

What are the current totals?

* member of the ATC Facebook Host Connect group

ATC points as of November 27, 2021


  • Arnie*  15

  • Brandi  10


  • Cherish  1

  • John*  65


  • Blake  6

  • Jennie


  • Bobby*  3

  • Jeff  2

  • Sue*  4

  • Tim  136


  • Cody  3

  • Hunter  23

  • Jeff*  45

  • Kate  21

  • Quintin  28