Gift Cards

Reward the team for achieving a goal, thank the neighbor, congratulate a business partner or gift a special local holiday gift. Our team is always happy to be part of special occasions in the community.

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When should you gift a tour?

  • Birthdays

  • Christmas & Holidays

  • Congratulations

  • Thank you

  • Graduation

  • Anniversary

  • Wedding Party

  • Welcome to the city

  • Welcome to the company

How do you select a gift?

Start by choosing the type of gift you want to give:

  • Specific: if you know exactly which tour you want to give. Please note that chauffeured tours are generally private so a solo guest can't join. However, the walking tours are a great gift idea.

  • Generic: if you know the dollar amount you want to give. Your gift amount can be applied to any tour we offer.


You will be able to customize your gift certificate online that you can print out or save so you can give or send it to the recipient. 


When they are ready, your gift recipient can select the day they want to take their experience and easily redeem the gift online. Then, we will arrange everything for a VIP experience. 

Where are tour gift cards available?

Click the logo for your state to start selecting your gift

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